Top 3 Best Super Cars For Racing

Anyone who wants to win a race should look for a fast, supercar. Whether you are a guru or a beginner, speed is the key to success. Cars have different capabilities, depending on the power of the car. The following are the three top cars that can give you a win in your next competition.

  1. Bentley Continental GT3
    This car is a monster on the road and can handle anything that you throw at it. The car weighs more than two tones with a power of up to 600bhp. The car didn’t have a slot in the list of fastest supercars before but has emerged due to some transformations. Bentley partnered with M-Sport to come with this exceptional car. The car has won different races since its debut in 2015.
  2. Audi R8 LMS
    This car is a household name when it comes to racing. The car has been around since 2009 and has won several races since its debut. The car has a behemoth rear wing that you can’t get on other supercars. Germany is known for its supercars, but the R8 is the best supercar that the automotive giant can offer right now.
  3. Nissan GT-R
    This car can compete and defeat any other car that you throw its way. The car has a demonic rear wing and roll cage on the inside. The car has a two-wheel drive with a 600bhp on the rear axle alone. The car weighs less than most supercars and has won different races since its debut.
    A race can be very competitive, especially when it comes to supercars. All the supercars boast demonic speeds and massive rear wings. However, you can easily win a race if you combine excellent driving skills with a faster supercar. The three cars above can easily beat other supercars in a road race.

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